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Monday, April 25, 2011

Chance City Chronicles

Steins Townsite

David Ristovski a 32 yr. old California man was traveling on I-10 near the Arizona-New Mexico state line when his vehicle ran out of gas. He informed a family member by cell phone of his predicament and then vanished into thin air and has not been seen since. Ristovski, a native of Bosnia who was taking medication for some mental health issues, abandoned his car and walked into New Mexico. Trackers lost his trail north the railroad tracks, near Steins Pass several miles west of Lordsburg. Why Ristovski chose to head into the wilderness, rather than follow the highway back towards Road Forks or the Steins ghost town is a mystery.  As of this day he still has not been found, although there have been some false sightings, including one at a sandwich shop in Silver City.  Mr. Ristovski may have had a tenuous grasp on reality and the godforsaken badlands of the Bootheel are not very forgiving of those who suffer from errors in judgment.  It's easy to forget as we whisk along the interstate, just how small the margin that separates us from real honest to god wilderness is. Regardless of the situation, the best advice to give greenhorn travelers is don't stray far from the roadbed.
It's official Martin Heinrich, first term U.S. Rep. has announced that he is a candidate for incumbent Jeff Bingaman's U.S. Senate seat. Bingaman who won re-election to a fifth term with 70% of the vote in 2006 is retiring from public office after 30 years in the U.S. Senate. Heinrich is a shoe-in for the Democratic nod as he's opposed only by a couple of fringe candidates. Although the names of some big guns have been mentioned, former Albuquerque mayor and perpetual candidate, Martin Chavez and Diane Denish, who shamefully lost the gubernatorial race to Susanna Martinez in 2010, have had their names tossed around. However, New Mexico Democrats, while corrupt and sleazy (with the exception of Sen. Bingaman) didn't just fall off the pumpkin truck from Wagon Mound. The New Mexicrats will take great pains to avoid an inter-party bloodbath, even if that means locking Martin Chavez in a u-store unit until after the elections.  The ever unlikeable, former U.S. Representative Heather Wilson, is leading a mangy pack of Republican candidates that includes, Businessmen Bill English and Greg Sowards, neither is a viable threat to Wilson. Let us not forget the walking cologne fog that is Lt. Gov. John Sanchez. He is taking his chances seriously, even if no one else is.  As for myself, I'm not running for office, but I am pissed off that former New Mexico governor, Gary Johnson has chosen to squander this perfect opportunity to return to public office. Sure he's running for President, but his true calling is in the Senate. Gary Johnson, known for his odd ways and for thinking outside the box, is simply the best  governor this state has ever had. Johnson was an effective governor because he ran the state the same way he ran his company, keeping an eye on the bottom line and profit margin.  He put his foot down, and kept the politico bandidos in check with an amazing 750 vetos and some good old New Mexico common sense.  Gary Johnson, a man who if I'm not mistaken, has never lost an election, would ride roughshod over Wilson or Heinrich. Gary, I'm begging you, puff puff give but don't puff puff pass up this chance to take out Heather Wilson, once and for all. New Mexico needs you Gary, like the desert needs the rain. This is what the fine folks at Publius, a New Mexico centric political blog who call themselves  "A Voice of Reason in the Wilderness of Enchantment" have to say about the former governor: "Deep down, people want to be led.  They want to be told what to do and what to think.  People are sheep.  They won’t go for this Gary Johnson.  He wants to legalize drugs. Bongs in the White House?  Oh, I don’t think so."  As for bongs in the White House, either Bill Clinton or George W. already took that honor. I don't want Gary Johnson in the White House either, but I do want him in Washington D.C., Gary Johnson for U.S. Senate!

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