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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chance City Chronicles

Hate is the new mean, sometime after we elected our first African-American President, the seeds of hate sprouted across this land. This land is your land, this land is my land, unless we hate you than get the fuck out, has become the new mantra. This is what happens to a country when you fuck with elections, George W. and his little brother Zeb screwed with the natural process and now all of us are suffering the resulting shit storm. Thank God as Americans we have the moral fiber and backbone not to become like France or The U.K.  Who are just fading old whores  still applying layers of make-up to maintain appearance while waving their fists in mock indignation.  We are made of a more durable material, America has been tipped off  keel before (JFK, RFK, MLK) and has always righted itself. Time will heal our wounds, but will time dissipate the concentration of hatred building up inside the pressure cooker we now live in?  Is Barak Obama just a darker, cooler Jimmy Carter, it sure looks that way, good intentions and bad ideas equals poor leadership. It just seems like everyone needs someone to hate, poor Barak, until now he had coasted through life being loved and admired. Is Susanna Martinez just Sarah Palin with a tan and an education? The new Evita stormed into the roundhouse determined to line up all the good 'ol boys and give them each a swift kick to the package. That's not how things are done in  New Mexico, Susanna being from El Paso is not schooled on these matters.  Wherein Sarah Palin likens herself to and resembles a pit bull with lipstick, Susanna is more akin to a Chihuahua with too much rouge. Lots of barking and ankle gnawing with little or no results. Swat her with a rolled up newspaper and she'll soon find her place at the foot of the bed, we'll survive La Dona Anna, hell we made it through eight years of Gary Johnson.

When the rich think about the poor, they have poor ideas.
Evita Peron

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