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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chance City Chronicles

Today more than ever it's important to speak out and stand behind our beliefs. Special interest groups want to rubber stamp us and force their opinions down our throats.  We are bombarded with Justin Bieber, American Idol, Lebron James, tribal tattoos and tramp stamps (Grandma what is that on you lower back?) The lowest common denominators of taste, designed to pound us into one homogeneous glob of pizza dough.  We must rage against the machine, because this machine doesn't kill fascists, it creates them. It's a F-350 driven by Glen Beck with Sarah Palin and Joe Arpaio toting shotguns. If the machine was a sweet running Honda Civic with Ken Block behind the wheel it would be a different story. This is not a picture book moment in our history as a nation and I grew up during some of  the darkest days of recent memory, the Richard Nixon presidency. What's to become of New Mexico? we've been down so long it looks like up to us. The downturn in the economy and the hard times that followed are just a way of life in the Land of Enchantment. As Susanna Martinez is finding out, New Mexico is a state of give and take, poor people give and politicos take. You can tell the honest politicians by their empty pockets, who am I kidding?,  there are no honest politicians in New Mexico. What do you expect when our un-official state motto is "Thank God for Louisiana." Recently I received a package in the mail from The U.S. Census Bureau. Having chased away the census taker three different times. (He was a pathetic, sad eyed fella, who actually stuck his foot in the door as I closed it on him.) "You will have to answer these questions" he yelled at me as he limped away "Fuck you, get a real job" I yelled back. I open the envelope which is marked, "You! must respond under penalty of law!",  In order to keep from being whisked away to Guantanamo or worse, I will fill in the blanks and return the forms. I later ran into that census tool at Walmart, he wouldn't even make eye contact. He was buying apple juice and Jello pudding, that's what thirty pieces of silver will buy you, enjoy your blood money..Judas. "Sunshine and Dust Storms make for a perfect day" ah! screw it, let's go four wheeling.  

"An Asylum for the sane would be empty in America"
George Bernard Shaw

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